ArtNet Winch


ArtNet Winch

The ArtNet Winch is the first DMX winch controlled directly over ArtNet, each winch has its own integrated 10/100 ethernet Switch. Thanks to our Brushless DC we achieve high speed with maximum torque and accurate repeatable positioning. Standard safety features include, dual brake, EN61800-5-2 safe torque off and slack wire control. Due to fast Ethernet communication we are able to group multiple winches lifting a single object and stop the group in the event of a error in one winch. With power and Cat5 data integrated into our flat reinforced lifting cable we are able to attach various objects from simple lights to video LED tiles under the ArtNet Winch. For issues with power failure on daisy chained winches, we have integrated a UPS in each winch that will keep the switch online for the rest of the event.

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